Historic Downtown Mocksville welcomes you to our website! We are an association of merchants – retail, restaurant, professional, manufacturing, governmental – dedicated to making Historic Downtown Mocksville your first choice when you have need for one of our services. Located in Davie County, North Carolina, Historic Downtown Mocksville takes pride in its heritage and is striving to keep this historic district vibrant! In recent years, many traditional downtowns have struggled to survive and need constant attention to stay active. That’s what this organization is about – keeping this historic part of Mocksville alive, active and healthy!

Like fingerprints on our hands, each town has its own identity, and most success comes from building on that era to which each downtown belongs, rather than from creating “artificial” quaintness or an imported theme. Our downtown business owners strive to keep touch with our heritage as each makes decisions regarding their own business.

Our downtown area’s atmosphere readily lends itself to businesses which offer goods and services that go well beyond the “same-old, same-old” of chain stores and malls. This helps us to attract tourists from around the region, country and globe, and our association works hard to offer opportunities for both residents and tourists to enjoy their time in Historic Downtown Mocksville. From the many concerts at Junker’s Mill outdoor theater, twice a month cruise-ins from spring to fall, the Daniel Boone Family Festival, the Historic Downtown Bicycle Criterium, to the holiday season open house, horse and buggy rides, and lighted downtown, Historic Downtown Mocksville is a great place to visit and conduct business.

We invite everyone to come spend an hour, a day, or a lifetime in Historic Downtown Mocksville!