The Book Rack

TBR logo pink 2x2.75

The Book Rack

114 North Main Street

Mocksville, NC 27028


Welcome to The Book Rack, the largest group of independently owned bookstores for people like you, who simply love to read books and be surrounded by them.


Thousands of titles in a wide rage of genera. All used paperbacks half off the publisher’s cover price, (with the exception of the local authors on consignment), and most hardbacks only $5.00.


Dozens of clearance books available . Also unique gifts and hand-made jewelry, including the newest rage Memory Lockets!


With two resident cats you can get your regular dose of kitten kisses too. Come in and meet Cloud. She adores people and begs for attention from everyone who comes in the store! She wants to be loved by everyone, everywhere!

Cloud checks in new trades

Cloud checks in new trades.


Cloud selfie

Cloud Selfie.


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